Nannaji Saka, Sc.D.

Dr. Saka serves as  Vice President and Secretary. He is Emeritus Research Scientist at MIT.  His expertise in tribology includes wear of metals and polymers, chemomechanical polishing, electronic interconnects, and abrasive wear. He hold seven patents and has  published extensively on various topics in tribology. He is a Fellow of ASME and STLE. He has particaipted in numerous collaborative research projects with several companies.

Said jahanmir, ph.d.

Dr. Jahanmir serves as President and CEO. He is a former company executive. He has held positions with industrial companies as well as government research labs and academic institutions. His expertise includes tribology, mechanical behavior of metals and ceramics, manufacturing, standard test methods, dental and medical materials and devices. He is the recipient of ASME Honorary Membership Mayo D. Hersey Award for Tribology.

Nam P. Suh, Ph.D.

Prof. Suh serves as Chairman of the Board. He is Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He has served as President of KASIT in South Korea, Head of Mechanical Engineering at MIT and Assistant Director for Engineering at US NSF. He has a broad expertise in engineering that includes tribology, manufacturing and design of complex systems. He is the recipient of numerous distinguished awards.

We strive to assist our clients develop a sound basis for engineering design so they can be successful. We will work to improve performance, reduce or eliminate failures, educate the workforce, and increase productivity.


TO prevent failure of mechanical systems and reduce the cost associated with poor design.