Mechanical System Design
Contact Mechanics Analysis
Bearing Design
Axiomatic Design
Design of Complex Systems
Failure Analysis

Wear of Dental Materials
Dental CAD/CAM
Hip and Knee Implants
Implanted and Extracorporeal Blood Pumps

Chemo-mechanical Polishing
Wear of Cutting Tools and Dies
Polymer Injection Molding
Ceramic Grinding

Wear and Friction
Wear of Engineering Materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, composites)
Friction Between Different Materials

Abrasive and Erosive Wear
Wear of Electrical Contacts

Lubrication and Lubricants
Boundary Lubrication
Lubricants and Additives
Hydrodynamic Bearings
Foil Bearings
Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication

Coatings for Reeducation of Friction and Wear
Thermal Barrier Coatings
Hard and Soft Coatings