Consulting Services:We provides a unique opportunity to assist you in optimizing your design and solve your friction, wear and lubrication problems.  We provide unlimited access to our expert associates with a yearly fixed-fee.  Our expertise spans all aspects of tribology including friction and wear of different material systems (metals, polymers, ceramics and coatings), abrasive and erosive wear, boundary and solid lubrication, tribological issues in manufacturing (cutting tools and forming dies, polymer processing), contact mechanics and hydrodynamic lubrication, failure analysis and many other areas.

Education and Training:Our Associates have many years of experience in education and training in various aspects of engineering, particularly in Tribology, Mechanical Design, Applied Mechanics, and Materials Science.   We provide educational materials and lectures via internet and/or at your site to suit your specific needs.

Design Analysis:Our Associates and Consultants will review your initial design and discuss with you how you can make revisions to reduce costs, prevent potential failures and reduce future maintenance costs. We can also assist you in developing a cost effective and reliable testing protocol to evaluate the tribological performance of your mechanical system.

Expert Witness: Our Associates can assist your legal team by providing technical information regarding your case and provide expert witness services.